Patient and Dentist


Toothache waking you up? Chipped a tooth? Our dentists are always ready to get you back to smiling.

Sometimes, teeth can become damaged from trauma or from accidentally biting on a hard object. Other times, a filling, crown, or other restoration can chip or fall out. At Rochelle Dental, we understand that dental emergency situations arise, and they are often uncomfortable and quite scary. When they happen, we work hard to make arrangements for you to come in and see Dr. Angela Lo and Dr. Thomas Viccaro as soon as possible. 

We encourage you to call our office as soon as possible after a dental emergency occurs. When you contact us, our team will ask a series of questions to better understand your situation and then set you up with the earliest appointment available with one of our doctors. They will also provide you with some instructions on what to do until you can come in. 


When you arrive, our doctors will be ready to examine you and assess the situation. They will answer your questions and explain what happened. They will discuss your treatment options and help your smile get back on track. 

We are always here for you.

We understand that emergencies happen unexpectedly and at inopportune times. If your emergency occurs outside of our regular office hours, our doctors are on call 24/7 to help guide you. Please call our office and you will be forwarded directly to our doctors.