At the Dentist


Dr. Angela Lo and Dr. Thomas Viccaro are happy to provide long-lasting, natural looking dental fillings to restore damaged teeth.

When a tooth develops cavities or sustains damage like minor cracks or fractures, a filling is used to restore it. Our doctors will prepare the affected tooth by carefully cleaning the decayed or damaged area first. Then, a dental filling is placed, shaped, and then polished. There is a variety of filling materials available, with the most widely used being composite (a tooth colored resin-based material) and silver amalgam.


At Rochelle Dental, we are proud to provide esthetic, tooth colored composite fillings that are nearly invisible to the eye. In addition to beautiful results, composite fillings are durable with long-lasting results. Dental fillings can typically be achieved in one appointment. 


For more information about dental fillings and to make an appointment with our doctors, please contact our office at 201-843-7474.