Dental implants in Paramus

What are Dental Implants?

Ready to reclaim your confidence? Dental implants are a popular and effective solution for permanently replacing missing teeth. They are small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone to act as artificial tooth roots. These implants provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth, such as single-tooth implants, implant bridges, overdentures, and All-on-X implants.

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Dental implants have a success rate of over 95% and can LAST a lifetime with proper care.

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The Dental Implants Treatment Process

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Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, our experienced dentists, Dr. Viccaro and Dr. Lo, will evaluate your oral health and determine if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. This may involve taking X-rays and impressions of your teeth and gums. We will also discuss your treatment goals and address any concerns or questions you may have.

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Implant Placement

Once you are deemed a suitable candidate for dental implants, the next step is the implant placement procedure. This involves surgically placing the titanium posts into your jawbone. Local anesthesia will be used to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. The implants will then need time to fuse with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration.

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After the implants have fully integrated with the jawbone, the restoration phase begins. This involves attaching abutments or connectors to the implants, which will serve as the support for your replacement teeth. Our skilled dentists will then create custom-made dental crowns, bridges, or dentures to match your natural teeth and fit seamlessly into your smile.


The Benefits of Dental Implants

Improved Oral Health

Dental implants not only replace missing teeth but also help to maintain the health and integrity of your jawbone. By stimulating the bone through chewing and biting, implants prevent bone loss and preserve your facial structure.

Enhanced Functionality

Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants provide a secure and stable foundation for your replacement teeth. This means you can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about slippage or discomfort. Implants restore your ability to speak, eat, and smile with confidence.

Long-lasting Solution

With proper care and regular dental check-ups, dental implants can last a lifetime. Unlike other tooth replacement options, such as bridges or dentures, implants are a permanent solution that does not require any additional maintenance beyond regular oral hygiene practices.

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Dental implants have been used for over 50 years.


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